Steps to Homing a Cat from Cat Call

Cat Call steps to homing us

Our Homing Process

4 simple steps;

1) Talk with one of our Trustees responsible for homing so we understand what type of Cat, personality and age you are looking for. We talk through your environment so together we can see if we have a suitable Cat you might want to meet. This is normally done over the phone.

2) One of our experienced Trustees does a home check, which includes a discussion on affordability for the life of the Cat.

3) Assuming we have a suitable Cat, you pass the home check and want to proceed, you have the option of visiting us to see a Cat(s) or where this is not possible for you (some people may have mobility problems etc) or us (some Cats are with Cat Call fosterers) we will bring a Cat to you to see.

4) If it works out for everyone then there is the official paper work to transfer ownership, microchip and medical records etc

That’s it, its simple ……

Our primary objective is to match suitable Cats with suitable people so together they are forever happy xx