We know many of you love Cats but cannot have a Cat at your place and we have a number of Cats for one reason or another who cannot be homed and will live out their lives at Cat Call, so we have come up with this idea “Sponsor a Cat” in Cat Call’s care.

From time to time as a sponsor we will send you little updates pictures and clips and you can ask us about your Cat any time. And by appointment with your Cat, because they are real busy sleeping, hunting, playing, socialising and eating, come and see them occasionally.

You can sponsor a Cat Call Cat for £3.00 a month either as a monthly payment or a one-off yearly payment of £36.00. Every penny will be used as a contribution to your Cat’s food, health and wellbeing. And you can stop your sponsorship at any time, just cancel your payment.


Cat Call sponsored Cats

Layla is sponsored by Chloe, Tom and Lettie-Rose of St Leonards On Sea.

Layla was a stray, we know she had several litters one on boxing day 2020 and another in May 2021 when a lady took the family in but could not afford to keep them long term. Initially we provided food until we had a place at Cat Call for Layla and her six kittens to come into the charity.

Layla was spayed and the kittens homed.

Layla is a little nervous but can be a bit bossy with the other Cats looking to share the cushion she loves. She has a beautiful bushy tail, so sometimes we call her squirrel x

Layla a rescued Cat
Layla Cat and her friends
Layla living at Cat Call Hastings


Sposnor a Cat at Cat Call

Is sponsored by Roman of Saint Pertersburg

Denis is a big lad, with a big heart, a dear placid Cat. It took Cat Call’s Loraine nearly a year to gently gain his confidence and trap him. He is lovely and likes having his teeth brushed. Denis is a thyroid Cat but never minds taking his daily tablet.

Denis the Cat
Dear Denis Cat is a big lad


Beautiful Lucy Cat at Cat Call Hastings

Sponsored by Claire of Hastings

A call came in late at night requesting help for a Cat and her four kittens in an old garage being worried by a fox. The Cat was very nervous and ran off, we had to take the kittens and run the risk the Cat may not return. The next night she was back sitting where her kittens had been, it took an hour, but we got her and reunited her with her kittens. That Cat was dear Lucy. The little family received the medical help they needed, and when weened and vaccinated the kittens were homed.

Months latter Lucy is beautiful, she is still very nervous, slowly slowly gaining confidence, as such she cannot be homed but lives with us getting the love and all the time she needs.


Dear Betty at Cat Call

Sponsored by Mark of Hastings

Dear Betty came to Cat Call after her owner needed help and support.

Betty had two beautiful kittens Claude and Mittens who found purrfect homes.

Betty is a quiet Cat who likes a simple narrow world, for this reason an attempt to home unfortunately did not work out so she will live at Cat Call and she loves it!

Betty is very affectionate, very social with the other Cats and people she knows. She never goes far yet has her little routine, we call it “Betty’s world” x


Bonnie sponsored by Sarah

Sponsored by Sarah in Italy

We call Bonnie “Wonder Mum” because when we got her from an eviction situation she came with four kittens, at the same time another dear stray Cat we rescued Emma, who had 3 kittens, was to poorly to feed them, we wondered if dear Bonnie would take them on. Its not a normal thing for Cats to necessarily take on kittens which are not theirs, but Bonnie seemed to know, like her, they needed help and she immediately accepted them.

Bonnie is a very gentle Cat, very sociable and often sleeps alongside other female Cats. She is a tabby with a white chest. When Bonnie wants out attention she holds up and puts out her right paw.

Bonnie at Cat Call


Sponsored Cat at Cat Call Hastings

Sponsored by Pamela of St Leonards On Sea

Dear Minnie came to Cat Call after being abandoned, she was very frightened and quiet. In time she settled down and found her purr.

Minnie is an introvert, she does not socialise with the other Cats, she has found her routine which means each day she goes out for a few hours then comes back and returns to her specific spot on a clean blanket. She loves her ears and tummy tickled, curls and rolls when receiving attention. She is a dear Cat and very clean, her coat is always shinny.


Twiggy sponsored by Dick

is sponsored by Dick in Hastings

A gentleman contacted us saying a Cat was going in through his toilet window at night looking for shelter and food.

He wanted to keep her, but she was pregnant he could not cope with kittens etc

We established she was a stray. She was very poorly, thin and sickly and needed several trips to the vet. We named her Twiggy.

Twiggy had 7 kittens and was a good young mum.

Twiggy is very insecure but very loving, she likes to be inside, she never goes out far or for long.

Dear Twiggy has a damaged right eye with only partial sight in it and suffers with sensitivities and anxiety, but she sits peacefully with us at night happy to be safe and quiet.


Fred sponsored by Aileen

is sponsored by Aileen of Bromley Kent

Fred is very mischievous, he struts around waving his huge fluffy tail like a peacock, yet he is placid and will happily sit while the very young Cats play around him and with his great tail. He will sleep anywhere.


Snowdrop happy at Cat Call

is sponsored by Aileen in Bromley Kent

Snowdrop is a “Doll” she knows she is glamorous and keeps her coat clean and bright white. She loves a lap and always takes a cup of tea as a signal to join us.

Click here to see a clip of Snowdrop

Woody Woodnut

Woody Woodnut is sponsored by David in Perkasie Pennsylvania USA

Woody Woodnut and his brother Fred were found as kittens abandoned after being taken from a garden. They were found because Woody was calling out as he still does when he is hungry, sometimes we call him Woody Puddy becuase he loves his food. Woody paces himself, he meanders around, taking naps in the shade and will always share his basket or bed especially with his friend Sid. Woody is hoping for a sponsor x

Cat Call charity Hastings

Tea Spoon

Tea Spoon sponsored by Anne

Tea Spoon is sponsored by Anne in Perkasie Pennsylvania USA

Tea Spoon is a petite Cat with huge inner strength and determination. At the start of 2020 she had a terrible injury after she slept in a car engine bay and was injured when the car started, she lost her ear and hearing on one side and suffered terrible cuts to her belly and hind legs, it was a long and difficult recovery. The skilled emergency vet Lauren who led the treatment called Tea Spoon “Cherub” it so aptly describes Tea. One year on in 2021 Tea is fully recovered and full of life, she is looking forward to meeting her sponsor Anne when this covid era is over and Anne can visit.



Tinkerbelle Cat

Tinkerbell is sponsored by Andrea in Bexhill On Sea

Tinkerbell is a very intelligent lively Cat constantly on the move, she cannot sit still and she is very sassy. Tink will come and sit with us at night and listens intently when we talk to her, and while she has a serious face she is very loving, on her terms.

Tinkerbelle sposnored by Andrea


Stella Cat

Stella is sponsored by Emily in Hastings

Stella came into our care as a very thin stray about to have kittens. She had six kittens and was a great mum, all the kittens were homed but for some reason no one came forward to home Stella, so she is staying at Cat Call.

Stella is a quite Cat, she has a beautiful coat and spends her days in the garden not going far.


Poppett Cat at Cat Call

Poppett is sponsored by Glynis and Bill in Bexhill On Sea

Poppett is a young lively intelligent Cat, a little cautious and very agile. She loves being out in her garden and siting up high the garage roof rafters. She came to Cat Call rescued from a cruelty situation. But that is a long way behind her now, she is a naturally very happy Cat x

Poppet says “Hi to her step sisters Darcy and Bluebell at Glynis and Bill’s”


Sponsored by Dawn and her Cat Molly Merstham

Cat sponsor program

Willow came to Cat Call as a stray, she has a lot of personality and is very determined to get her own way, she can be a bit naughty but we love her a lot. She has surprisingly small teeth so we sometimes affectionately call her “Little teeth”

Sposnsored Cat are Cats who cannot be homed and live at Cat Call


is sponsored by Chaquita from Gotham Wood Bexhill On Sea

Sponsor a Cat Call Cat
Sponser a Cat at Call Hastings

Spot is an adorable young female with powder puff soft fur, she keeps herself in an immaculate condition always very clean. She is timid and likes to hide during the day. She loves her tummy tickled and when she listens to us she blinks as if communicating through it.

Spot Cat sponsored by Chaquita
Cat Call foot prints
Cat Call opeartes in Hastings, St Leonards On Sea, Bexhill and Battle