It’s started – Kitten season

It’s started – Kitten season. Unbelievably there are still unspayed Cats out there, what is wrong with people? We have just taken in the first of this year’s dear female Cats who is in kitten. She is deathly thin, with a bad stomach from a semi straying poor diet and dehydrated. We have had her […]

Tribute to a Dear Friend of Cat Call

Farewell but never forgotten Denise Fagonde who for many years was an active supporter and volunteer at Cat Call – Thank you for all your kindness. And we will sincerely miss you at our AGM’s which Denise excellently chaired for the past years, always with a smile, keeping our meetings on track and always writing […]

Thank You Kenny

Thank you Kenny of Perfect Advertising Hastings who this week donated £30.00 to Cat Call – Thank you from the Cats Xx If you have any marketing or print design needs, contact Kenny on Tel 07956 942968 email: Perfect Advertising Hastings

Kitten Pickles Homed and His Mum Helped

Last weekend we were asked to help with a kitten and two female Cats. The Kitten, dear little Pickles was vet checked and then homed to start his new life with a family on our home checked waiting list. His Mum and another Cat have been vet checked, spayed and are back home.

Sleep Tight Dear Bruno x

Dear Bruno passed away this week. He came into our care a few years back after being abandoned by his owners because he had epilepsy. He was a dear fellow. Sleep tight old boy we miss you Xx Bruno keeping warm under a blanket with his freinds a wek ago x

Thank You Elizabeth and Tina

Big thank you to Elizabeth and Tina very valued friends and supporters of Cat Call who raised £53.88 through green Cat Call boxes in their homes. Thank you from the Cats Xx If you would like a Cat Call green collecting box for your home or work place please call us on our Cat Call […]