Cat Call Nominated for 2021 Award

Cat Call is proud to have been nominated for the 2021 Petplan and ADCH Animal Charity awards in recognition of our commitment to improving the lives of animals in need and being recognised for our animal welfare work. At Cat Call we work hard to standby the principles of our charities founder Dorthy Jason in […]

Thank You Asda

Big THANK YOU to Asda St Leonard’s On Sea for the trolley full of Cat food, it is a massive help and very kind. Thank you from the Cats Xx Pictured above Asda St Leonards Community Champion Wendy and Cat Call Trustee Lorraine

Thank You

Thank you some dear supporters of Cat Call for your invaluable help; Elizabeth, Dick and Christine, sponsors of our Cats everyone who shops at our little Charity shop in Bohemia Rd St Leonards and donates through our collecting box in Asda Thanks from the Cats x

Our Cat Food Donation Box In Asda

This weekend we deep cleaned and refurbished our Cat food donation box in Asda St Leonards On Sea. This box is very important to us because through your generous donations we are able to help a lot of Cats in need, especially over the past few months. Thank you from the Cats you help Xx […]

Xmas Bargains at Our Cat Call Shop

Spread the cost of xmas, start now in our little Cat Call shop which is full of bargains including gift bags for adults, children, Cats and we have not forgotten dogs! You spend and we help Cats in need x Our Cat Call charity shop is located at 48 Bohemia rd St Leonards On Sea […]

Thank You Hazel Friend Of Cat Call

Dear friend and supporter of Cat Call charity Hazel passed away 30th August this year. Hazel loved Cats and remembered Cat Call all the way back to the 1980’s when it was founded. She often attended our AGM’s and always said “Its all about helping Cats, the rest is just stuff that needs to get […]

Our Tribute To Carol Boorman of Hastings Old Town

Our little tribute to Carol Boorman Hastings “Old Towner” and friend of Cat Call who passed away this autumn; “Towns are but places   Houses are homes    It’s the people in them that forge fond memories” Cat Call came into contact with Carol’s dear black Cat called Friday when he was brought to us as […]

Need To Enclose Your Garden So You Can Home A Cat

Live near a main road? Need your garden enclosed so you can home a Cat? Need to enclose a balcony? We have hooked up with a great company called ProtecaPet who specialise in good quality enclosure solutions of any size and or enclosing your garden using your existing fence. See all about ProtectaPet and their […]