Thank you Asda St Leonards and Customers

Thank You Asda Hastings

A very sincere thank you to Asda St Leonards customers and staff who kindly donated during our fund-raising campaign in store over the Christmas period, you raised a fantastic £518.51.

And thank you to Asda community team and store manager for giving us the opportunity.

For your interest and understanding here is an example of how we use the money you kindly donate;

This week we received a call about a dear Cat who had been abandoned by its owners in Amhurst road Hastings. The black and white Cat was in some distress with a swollen neck. We organised for the Cat to be taken to our vet for a check-up with a view to helping and caring for it. Very sadly he had multiple terminal health problems and was in pain, with advice from the vet and with great sadness we decided to let him sleep in peace, at least in the end he passed on knowing he was now loved and cared for.

This is just one example of how every penny donated to Cat Call is used to help Cats in need, your dominations paid for everything and the very kind people who called it in paid the additional cost, so he had an individual cremation.

Sleep tight old fellow Xx

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