Please Keep Your Cats Information Pack Up to Date

Your Cats information pack Micro chip, pictures, DNA record....

It is a terrible reality, but theft of pets has exponentially increased during the covid era and shows little sign of slowing underpinned by apparently making easy money. So, in our opinion more than ever we recommend you keep your Cats information pack up to date;

  • Microchip your Cat. A kitten can be micro chipped when they receive their first vaccinations at around 8 weeks of age. And there is no age limit, chipping an old Cat is not an issue at all. If you cannot afford a microchip, please contact us on our Cat Call number 01424 429904 to discuss how we can help.
  • Then actively keep the logged chip details up to date – every time you change your mobile number, e mail etc.
  • Keep a portfolio of good quality up to date pictures as your Cat gets older. Pictures from all angles and especially showing any distinctive markings.
  • And if possible, buy a DNA kit and have the Cats DNA recorded, make sure the kit is from a reputable “Accredited” supplier. It’s an easy process these days and adds to the information package you can circulate if your Cat goes missing.

This all helps vets and charities who may find your Cat, it will help you create letterbox leaflets and posters and online posts, and it helps to make your Cat ”Hot to handle” by thieves…. And do take care of your dear Cat(s), be vigilant, see this link re an alleged theft CLICK HERE in Hastings.

And help get these Cats back home Click HERE to see our Lost Cat Register.