People Asked Cat Call

Cat Call Charity Good Governanace

People asked;

  • Do Cat Call volunteers receive petrol money when traveling around to help Cats in need?

Ans: No. Volunteers kindly cover all costs for their travel and movement.

  • What does Cat Call’s publicity, web presence and posters etc cost?

Ans: Nothing. Volunteers donate and pay for everything, nothing is taken from cat Call’s funds.

  • Apart from the cost of medical treatment for Cats are donations from the public used for any other purpose? Yes, Cat litter and Cat food for approximately half the Cats in Cats Call’s care but that’s it. All other routine costs are covered by volunteers, so this means 90% of the donations Cat Call receives from the public are used for medical treatment of Cats in need.
  • What about the Cat Call shop? How are its costs covered?

Ans: The costs of running Cat Call’s charity shop in Bohemia road St Leonards On Sea are entirely covered by the sales made in the shop, then what is left is used to help Cats in need. To be clear, no money donated by the public is used in the running of the Cat Call charity shop. And all the staff are volunteers who very kindly give their time free of charge.

If you would like to know more about the running of Cat Call the Charity and its governance look out for notices of our charity AGM which is held each year in April and is open to the public and transparent.