It’s started – Kitten season

Cat Call Hastings - Caring for Cats in need

It’s started – Kitten season. Unbelievably there are still unspayed Cats out there, what is wrong with people?

We have just taken in the first of this year’s dear female Cats who is in kitten. She is deathly thin, with a bad stomach from a semi straying poor diet and dehydrated.

We have had her vet checked and have started her on quality food.

Once she has had the kittens she will be spayed, vaccinated, wormed, chipped and then we will look for a home.

If you have an unspayed Cat guess what? You will have a load of kittens soon and they will keep coming. There are much better ways of making money than selling kittens. And if you are thinking of getting a Cat, never buy a kitten on line and think carefully;

  • A Cat can live for 20 years
  • It will need a yearly medical check, fleeing and worming and over its lifetime it is very likely you will get at least one large medical bill in the region of £800 plus, dental work alone is costly
  • And keep in mind its not the Cats fault if your life changes, its not right to just decide the Cats got to go!

We are currently raising money to fund our work this spring, thank you for your consideration xx

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Cat Call Hastings – caring for Cats let down by people ….