“Chip Your Cat” with Cat Call’s Help

Chip the Cat x

This year we have rescued and brought into our care a large number of Cats who are neutered and spayed yet not micro chipped. After a lot of work posting and searching, a good number have been reunited with their owners, unfortunately some have not. Micro chipping your Cat is so important it means if your Cat is found you can be notified immediately as all agencies like Cat Call and Vets always check for a chip.

Cat NOT Micro Chipped

Therefore, we are running a scheme in conjunction with our Vet 1066 Battle road called “Chip your Cat” – If your Cat is neutered or spayed Cat Call and our Vet 1066 will chip it at no charge.

If you would like to get your Cat chipped for free please call us on our Cat Call line 01424 429904 to arrange, the line is open 7 days a week 9.30 am to 9.00 pm.