Care For Your Cat and It Will Never Let You Down

Care for your dear Cat

As we know most people who take on a dear Cat love and care for it. For those needing advice there is our UK Code of Practice for the welfare of Cats. This code of practice is a practical guidance document to help Cat owners with the provisions of Section 9 of the UK Animal Welfare Act CLICK HERE to down load it.

Breach of a provision of this Code is not an offence in itself, however if proceedings are brought against a person for an offence under Section 9 of the Act, the Court will turn to the Code as a point of reference and look at whether or not the person has complied with the Code in deciding whether they have committed an offence.

Code of practice welfare of Cats

If you have questions or need help interpreting the code call us on our Cat call line 01424 429904 to discuss.