Bruno’s Story An Example Of Our Work

Bruno May 2018

Bruno a dear ginger Cat with very little trust in people was found dumped in Sedlescombe road St Leonards On Sea in the autumn 2017. Like many Cats dumped and straying his coat was dirty, in fact it was noticeably dirty but it had been very wet.

Bruno xmas 2017

As usual when a Cat comes into our care we check for a chip, and excellent he was chipped. We went into action calling the chip log people, got his owners details called them, no response. In fact after many attempts to contact the owner there was no response, the details were correct, we left messages on the phones. They clearly did not want him back.

Bruno autumn 2017

We had him vet checked all seemed well, he started to settle in with the other Cats although occasionally his coat seemed dirty and he would get scratches on his nose, a little odd but some Cats take longer to settle in with the others. We were readying him to put up for homing when it happened; one Sunday he repeatedly had epileptic fits. They were quite long and it was distressing taking him quite some time to recover. This explained his dirty coat and the marks on his nose and we assume why he was dumped.

We immediately took him to the vet and started treatment. His treatment is ongoing and last Friday he had new bloods done as he is still fitting occasionally, the aim is to tune his medication to eliminate the fits as far as possible. When he fits Cat Call’s Lorraine always runs to him and holds him so he does not injure himself day or night and talks to him. He has built a massive level of trust in her observed and commented on by our vets.

Bruno at vets for further blood tests

Needlessly to say Bruno cannot be homed he has his routine and is so much happier and content after 7 months with us, he will live with us forever.

Bruno comfortable