Sorry Our Face Book Page Is Not Working

Facebook disappoints at some point

Sorry we have lost the function to Create posts to our Cat Call facebook page as Cat Call. We have tried all the obvious fixes; different browsers, flushing the cache, reboot, attribute settings etc. We have reported the issue to FB.

Its a funny old world, big as it is facebook will let you down at some point, but a dear Cat you love never will xx


If you have room in your life for a dear Cat in need please call us on our cat call line 01424 429 904. unlike facebook our helplne is open 7 days a week from 9.30 am to 9.00pm 365 days a year and we will get back to you and help xx


A note to Facebook – We are not just sounding off at you. We are a tiny charity of volunteers with full time jobs entrusted with the generous donations of regular people in a small part of the UK. The Ads we run, the money we spend is donated for that purpose by a kind benefactor, it is tiny in the world of FB but its hard earnt and kindly donated, you are happy to take the money and press hard to get us to spend more, yet when we need help with a function down you are nowhere. Sure we are tiny but compare you with our web provider and editing host Go Daddy who help and solve problems in hours – the yearly spend is similar, and you have the additional high value view of our traffic and associated data – Facebook – its your platform you encouraged small organisations like us to use it, you court dependency, you should support it.