Thank You From The Cats x

Thank you to everyone who has donated £ and Cat litter and Cat food, you alone have enabled Cat Call to keep working while our charity shop is shut and we are unable to raise money around the community from events and our collecting boxes. With your help here is a summary of our work […]

We Love to Hear From Cats We Have Homed

We love to hear from those of you who have homed Cat Call Cats over the years and especially getting pictures and video clips of the Cats. Here is Stitch son of Stella who came into our care last year. Pictured Stitch a few weeks old when his Dad came to see and name him […]

Thank You

A sincere thank you to everyone who has been donating online, and through our donation box in Asda St Leonards on Sea, you are keeping Cat Call going. Thank you from the Cats in our care xx Click here to donate and keep Cat Call’s work going every £1.00 helps

Sponsor a Cat Call Cat

Snowdrop came into Cat Call’s care a few years ago. She cannot be homed so lives happily at Cat Call sponsored by Carol and Philippa x Check out this clip of Snowdrop CLICK HERE If you would like to sponsor a Cat Call Cat its costs £3.00 a month, we send you pics now and […]

Beautiful Maggie Cat is Homed

This is the beautiful Maggie homed by Cat Call earlier this year This is what mum Sandra had to say “Our new Cat Maggie is adorable; she is very settled, a lady of the manor now! She has found her sun spots in the living room and moves around with the sun… She enjoys watching […]

We paid our Vet Bill £950.00

We paid our vet bill today £950.00 for Cats in need and Cats in our care with ongoing medical conditions and needs. A huge thank you to those of you who have been donating, and who have bought items through our online Easter Sale. While our charity shop is closed, and we are unable to […]

Day 8 of the CV19 shut in

Day 8 of the CV19 shut in – Pictured Fred who we think invented self isolation a few years ago as he always picks a single kitchen cupboard to sit, sleep and watch out from alone….. Thank you very much to some very special people who have given us help over the week. We now […]