Action 1 – Check your Cats microchip details are up to date with the microchip provider.

Action 2 – Notify all vets in the area. If your Cat is injured, it might get taken to one of the vets.

Action 3 – Put posters up in convenience stores and around the area.


Action 4 – Print letter box leaflets and put them through doors in a wide area working out and away from your place. Many people see a Cat but don’t realise it might be lost and many people don’t see on line posts, a letter box leaflet causes people to stop and think, it stays in their memory longer and when they see a Cat they go back to the leaflet and call the sighting in using the number on the leaflet, its easy for them.

Action 5 – Late at night and early morning when it is very very quiet walk the area calling your Cat. Cats have fantastic hearing and smell, both your voice and your smell will carry far when it is quiet and will act as a beacon for it, helping it to orientate and when it is ready follow both back home. Your Cat may have been spooked and even run a bit further than its normal territory or be injured so it will lie up until it feels ready and confident. Your voice is key, it may take days until your Cat is confident but keep going. You don’t want your Cat to settle somewhere away from home, which is what often happens.

And don’t give up, if you do all the above you have a great chance of getting your Cat back, often it will suddenly turn up because it has been listening and gradually making its way home. And if you use letterbox leaflets some kind but misguided people stop feeding it and send it back on its way home.

If you want free printable letterbox leaflets and posters click the buttons below and simply download.

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Free lost Cat printable A4 poster
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Free lost Cat printable letterbox leaflets

If you would like us to customise printable letterbox leaflets and a poster with your Cats colour picture and description which we will then send you as email attachments for you to print, click the button below, pay £3 and we will get to work.

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