Fred Safe In Cat Call’s Care

We have been really busy this past week at Cat Call, sorry we have not posted much, so here is a boy we love, Fred. We call him Freddy Bread Sticks, not sure why it just seems to suit him. Fred was rescued and safe in Cat Calls care. Hope you like the picture, we […]

Our Vet Bill In January

Our Cat Call Vet Bill for the Cats in our care and those we have helped in the community was £962.22 in January. Cat Call is a non-profit charity, everyone involved is a volunteer, there are no salaries or personal expenses paid and no marketing costs. If you are able to donate and help us […]

Shut The Blinds I Don’t Like Fireworks

Fireworks may be fun for humans on new years eve – but they can be an ordeal for our Cat friends. Here’s some obvious tips to reduce your Cat’s stress levels during the flashes and bangs; Keep them in after dark Provide a litter tray Draw curtains and blinds Make their usual in door hiding […]