Great Day At ESK Fundraising – Thank You

Cat Call handmade knitted goods sale

You raised a fantastic £14.50 on sale of our knitted goods and £70.43 donated to our collecting bucket, a total of £84.93 every penny of which will be used towards our August Vet bill – Thank you from the Cats Xxx

We had a great day at ESK on Saturday fundraising in support of our work caring for Cats. Thank you to everyone who bought our handmade knitted goods and donated – very very kind of you.

Cat Call in ESK

Cat Call team

Cat Call volunteer Aileen

And thanks to the ESK who gave us the opportunity and the staff especially all you guys on the tills, it was good fun.

Cat Call charity Likes ESK Hastings

Look out for an update latter in the week telling you how much you made x