5 Star Review For Cat Call

5 Star review for Cat Call Jan 2018

Dear Sir / Madam

I am writing to you this evening to thank Cat Call so much for all your help and support in helping us find and catch our Cat Obi Wan, he was named that as he was born on the 4th of May (May the forth be with you).

We lost him two weeks ago after he was frightened by an un-neutered tom that got into our kitchen and sprayed.

After 5 days we were desperate, we could hear him crying in the garden but he would not come home and ran off when we tried to catch him…. we phoned around loads of cat rescue centres for help and advice, some still have not got back to us and it took the local national well-funded animal charity until yesterday to get back to us and if that had been all that was out there it would have been 3 weeks until they even contacted us… whereas CAT CALL rung us back within the hour and provided us with a  good cat trap and advice within half an hour and we just had to collect it… so all in all the best animal charity around in my opinion an amazing woman running the charity and the compassion shown in helping us catch our baby boy as he is a 4 year old Norwegian forest cat / crosses with a maincoon so the first time we caught him he managed to escape the cage, have no idea how he did it but is such a big powerful cat. Explained this to the charity and there was no rush for the cage back and told us to try it again and yesterday we caught him and cannot fault the charity one bit, the best in the area without a doubt with their speed of response and compassion. If we had to wait for the national charitie’s help for whom I used to collect he could have starved to death as they still offered no tangible help saying they only deal with sick or dying/dead animals… we gave a small donation for the use of the cage and advice.

See clip of Obi Click Here

Peter & Sally – in Hastings

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback much appreciated. We are a tiny charity but do the best within the full extent of our resources.

Cat Call Team