The Importance Of Micro Chipping Your Cat

The importance of micro chipping your Cat and then keeping the details up to date when you move your change your mobile number cannot be underestimated. We all love our Cats, we know they should be chipped because if you’re Cat gets injured or lost and is found there is no way to contact you ever! unless your Cat is chipped. But we are all busy, we put it off – Please don’t put it off, do it now here is why;

Last week at Cat Call we reunited two Cats both displaced miles from where they went missing, one Cat had been missing for 4 months. The mobile numbers logged with the chip agency allowed us to immediately contact the owners and reunite the Cats.

And today in the news Cindy the Cat missing for a year was reunited because of her microchip (picture and article reproduced from the Sun newspaper).

Please chip your Cat and keep your details up to date. Form our Cat Call statistics if you live in Hastings, St Leonards On Sea, Bexhill or Battle your Cat has a 1 in 5 (20%) chance of going missing sometime in its life and being chip will help.

Chances or reuniting with and without a chip  Cat micro chip

Cat Call Welfare Team – Cat Call Trustees Brenda and Lorraine x