A Large National Organisation Questions Cat Call’s Work

Cat Call cares for Cats like me

Poppy came into Cat Call’s care in 2016, she was quite ill and very traumatised. Today Poppy is well, settled and we believe feels safe. She still shows signs of her past trauma and as a result is not a social Cat, but in her eyes is security and no fear and now and again we hear her happy pur.

This month a large national high street organisation whom we appealed to for support questioned the value and volume of the work Cat Call does in comparison with other large animal charities, it was a fair question. In response; We are small, we do what we can within our resources, we do it in Hastings, St Leonards On Sea, Battle and Bexhill and we are dedicated and we are sustainable. We are open 365 days a year, everyone in Cat Call is a volunteer and we try hard to provide a reliable even level of work all year. We operate our Lost and Found Cat register to help people find their Cat friends, we believe it is a responsive and quick free service. We help Cats in the community to the full extent of our resources. We are a Cat charity.